Antelope 11.7" H

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6821. ANTELOPE 11.7" H are anatomically scaled to create the best reproduction of the life size stuffed animal and the most realistic stuffed animal in the industry.

Antelope are in the bovine family. They are related to cows, sheep and goats. More than 90 species of antelope live in Africa and Asia. The pronghorn antelope lives in western America and Mexico, but it’s not really an antelope. Pronghorns lose their antlers every year like deer. True antelope keep their antlers.

  • Antelope are herbivores. They graze on grass or munch on leaves.
  • They’re smart. They follow the rains to find tender grass. Some follow zebras because the zebras eat the tough outer grasses, leaving tender, young grass for them.
  • Antelopes have hooves made for their habitat. The klipslinger antelope has tiny suction-pad like pads on its hooves to help it climb steep rocks. Antelope that live in the desert have wide, flat hooves to help them walk on the sand.
  • Duikers antelope sometimes eat bugs or even small birds. Other antelope can stand up on their hind legs to get to the leaves in trees.
Product Dimension: 10.14(L) X 5.07(W) X 11.7(H)

HANSA CREATION, INC.  Safari is HANSA CREATION's hand-crafted collection of realistic plush animals. It takes great pride in each enchanting work of soft sculpture art, carefully designed to educate, fascinate, captivate and inspire creative play for collectors of all ages.

Artists create each HANSA animal from portraits of the creature in its natural habitat appropriately called Hansa Creation Portrait's in Nature. It is HANSA's uncompromising integrity in design and quality standards that has charmed collectors for generations and continues to mesmerize new collectors of all ages.

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