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6966, Calico Cat, Betty Pose able, Everybody loves realistic, adorable, CATS. The cat is a small, mainly carnivorous animal. There are about 40 breeds of domestic cats that are recognized internationally. An average litter consists of four kittens, which are born blind, deaf, and helpless. Their eyes open at 8-10 days of age, and they begin to be weaned about six weeks after birth. Lifespan is about 15 years. Hansa's designers have listened to lovers of these animals for the inspiration to create a wide selection of cute, cuddly, soft and interactive animals for this Collection. Individually hand crafted, with heirloom quality fabrics and accessories, their soulful eyes and faces, gentle paws and swishing tails, bring an instant "connection" while providing hours of creative play for animal lovers and collectors of all ages. Enjoy . . .Product Dimension: 24.18(L) X 6.63(W) X 12.09(H)

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