Christmas Snowflake Ballerina

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66655, Christmas Snowflake Ballerina from Madam Alexander's Collectible Collection is as beautiful as the first snow of the season! She is an 8” Wendy with pale blonde upswept hair, soft tendrils framing her face, and the biggest brown eyes. She is dressed like a snow fairy or icicle ballerina in a glistening tutu of the iciest blue satin bodice trimmed in silver braid, teardrop crystals and pearls, and still more crystals over multiple layers of tulle in shades of light blue, silver, and then white. Her waist is encircled by a beautiful snowflake cut out and embroidered in silver and set with crystals, with it’s points going down her skit, and finally forming fairy wings at her back. She wears white tights and white satin ballet slippers, and on her head sits a crown of silver and crystals. She also comes in a special box shaped like the Christmas star in shade of white, silver, and blue, just like our little Snowflake!

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