Horse, Clydesdale, Prancing, 54" Tall, Life Size

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Prancing Clydesdale Horse, Horses are found worldwide. They eat grass and other plant material. The most marked anatomical characteristic of modern horse is the possession of only a single toe on each of its 4 feet. This characteristic makes it a perissodactyl (an odd toed animal with hooves). All horses are grazers and gather in groups of 3 to 20. A stallion leads the group.

Old MacDonald had a farm . . . . And his only regret was that he didn't have HANSA ANIMALS! This heirloom quality collection, features dozens of clucking, oinking, braying, and whinnying animals that when grouped together provide a "WOW" evoking attraction . . . from the bustle of Manhattan, to the farmlands of Iowa, this individually hand crafted collection of soft, cuddly, interactive animals, provide hours of creative fun, tags that teach, and an experience that will warm your heart and help you enjoy the magic of "life on the farm". . . . .

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