Dalmatian Puppy 14" L

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4711, DALMATIAN PUPPY 14'' L are anatomically scaled to create the best reproduction of the life size stuffed animal and the most realistic stuffed animal in the industry.

Fun Facts About the Dalmatian:

  1.  No one knows exactly where the Dalmatian originated, but we do know the breed is very old. Spotted dogs have been found painted on the walls of Egyptian tombs, running alongside chariots.
  2. The breed takes its name from a place called Dalmatia, a province of Austria on the eastern shore of the coast of Venice.
  3.  In times of war, Dalmatians served as sentinels at the borders of Dalmatia and Croatia. They have also been herding, ratting, and hunting dogs.
  4. The Dalmatian is also the only dog breed that was bred for “coaching,” which means running alongside a stagecoach and clearing crowds out of the way so horses could pass through.
  5. Dalmatians were used to serve as coaching dogs for horse-drawn fire coaches. With the invention of fire trucks, the Dalmatians weren’t really needed anymore. But many firehouses still keep Dalmatians as mascots.
  6. Dalmatian puppies have no spots at birth.  In Disney’s  “101 Dalmatians,”  Pongo and Perdita’s 15 puppies are all white when they’re born. Like real Dalmatians, these animated puppies only get their spots as they grow older.

  7. Just like no two people have the same fingerprints, no two Dalmatians have exactly the same pattern of spots.

Product Dimension: 13.39(L) X 4.33(W) X 9.84(H)

HANSA CREATION, INC.  Dogs & Cats is HANSA CREATION's hand-crafted collection of realistic plush animals. It takes great pride in each enchanting work of soft sculpture art, carefully designed to educate, fascinate, captivate and inspire creative play for collectors of all ages.

Artists create each HANSA animal from portraits of the creature in its natural habitat appropriately called Hansa Creation Portrait's in Nature. It is HANSA's uncompromising integrity in design and quality standards that has charmed collectors for generations and continues to mesmerize new collectors of all ages.

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