Disney, Minnie Inspires Couture

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64695, Minnie Inspires Couture from Madame Alexander

Minnie Inspires Couture from Madame Alexander is a 10” Cissette is a brown eyed girl with a long brunette ponytail and bangs. Isn’t she just he coolest teen ever? Inspired by a trip to Disneyworld, she is dressed for fashion and also comfort, and a very big day at the park! She really rocks in her fitted white with black polka dots v-neck T shirt featuring a picture of, who else, but Minnie Mouse? Over this she wears a red cardigan with black trim, and because she is just so cool, she wears a black sequined mini skirt, black and grey horizontally striped over the knee highs, and black high heeled tap shoes with ankle straps and black buckles. Oh, and we mustn’t forget her favorite fashion statement, her removable Minnie Mouse ears! Now you tell me, is she a visitor or a performer? One thing for sure, she is rockin’!

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