Starfish, 15" Long

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The name "starfish" is also used in a broader sense to include the closely related brittle stars. Starfish typically have 5 or more "arms" and usually hunt for shelled animals such as oysters & clams. They have two stomachs one of which is used for digestion, while the other can be extended outward to engulf & digest prey. Starfish are able to regenerate lost arms. A new starfish may even be regenerated from a single arm attached to a portion of the central disk.

Are you ready to head down to the SEA SHORE? Grab you shovel and bucket and come with us to share the magic of this unique, colorful Collection of artist-inspired designs, featuring soft, exotic, fun-filled learning experiences with our animal friends who share our seas and shores around the world. Feel their graceful movement, see their vivid colors, and get ready for a memorable "day at the shore" where imagination, water, gentle breezes, and sea animals, come together to create a treasured memory . . . You can even decorate a child’s room to reflect aquatic life where you can encourage your child’s exploration and fascination "Under the Sea".

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