Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Set

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This 75th Anniversary, Wizard of Oz Set includes:

#66630 “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Madame Alexander and Turner Classis Movies honor MGM on the 75th Anniversary of, “The Wizard Of Oz”. Played by 10” Cissette, Dorothy has crystal blue eyes and center parted brunette hair styled into long braided pigtails tied with blue bows. She wears Dorothy’s iconic blue and white gingham pinafore style dress over a white blouse with short puffed sleeves and accents of blue trim around the neck and edge of the sleeves. In addition she wears a white lace trimmed petticoat, white panties, light blue socks, and of course, her coveted ruby slippers! Now check out the poppies! Everyone know that in Oz things are not what you would expect, and that is doubly so with Dorothy’s Poppies! All thee of them are 5” tall and have individually stenciled faces. They wear green with white dot unitards featuring ruffled green net under large red flower petals. A black hood with yellow “stamens” and tiny mittened hands make these Poppies so adorable that you’ll want to take them home with you! “My people come and go so quickly here!” Limited edition of 300.

#66635 "These things must be handled delicately..." Madame Alexander and Turner Classic Movies honor MGM on the 75th Anniversary of the “The Wizard of Oz” by introducing The Wicked Witch of the West™ and the Winged Monkeys™. Played by 10” Cissette, the Wicked Witch has dark eyes, coal black hair pulled up into a top knot, and a fierce expression letting you know she is not to be messed with. She wears a black full length taffeta dress with leg-o-mutton sleeves, strips of black velvet trim at the top, and black lace at the edge. A black flock corset with black satin ribbon lacing in front and functional lacing in back adds dimension to her evil look. Her long full skirt is lined in white taffeta and edged with lace at the hem. Black tights and black flock lace up boots are worn underneath. Her shiny black witch’s hat with a shirred band adds the final touch of foreboding to this Wicked Witch of the West™. “I’ll get you my pretty….and your little dog too!” As for her accomplices, the Winged Monkeys ™, these 5” winged creatures have blue faces and are actually more adorable than they are scary. Clad in grey fleece unitards, they have tiny mittened hands, a wired tail, and attached grey wings. Blue boleros with red and white printed trim and matching blue felt hats have grey fur Mohawks attached on top. The three of them ad color and authenticity to the dark of the deeds of the Wicked Witch. Limited edition of 300.

#55545 “Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?” Madame Alexander and Turner Classic Movies honor MGM on the 75th Anniversary of “The Wizard Of Oz”. Played by 10” Cissette, Glinda the Good Witch has beautiful blue eyes and long curly taffy tan hair. Glinda wears a gorgeous pink gown with a very full skirt overlaid with pink organza and embroidered with silver stars, the same stars used to decorate her bodice. Silver metallic braid adorns both the waist and hem of her gown, and pink with silver sparkle tulle enhance her puffed sleeves and neckline. A glittery purple butterfly appliqué and a flower jewel on the center front of the bodice are the final perfecting touches of her gown. Pink glissenette tights, silver metallic pumps with buckles, a star shaped wand, and a large silver crown with a sparkling jewel in the center complete Glinda’s very Good Witch look. And now…for the giggling in the background… “Come out, Come out, Wherever you are, And meet the young lady, who fell from a star”. The Lullaby League are three little 5” ladies with long straight hair and bangs. The first has brown hair with brown eyes, the second is blonde with blue eyes, and the third is a redhead with green eyes. All are dressed alike in pink taffeta dresses with the full circle skirts having two layers of pink chiffon and a pink flock waistband adorned with a bow. The same pink chiffon is worn as a shawl and held with a pink bow. They wear pink flock cone hats trimmed in chiffon ruffles, nude pantyhose, and pink ballet slippers. Glinda The Good Witch ™ and the Lullaby League are sweet enough to eat! Limited Edition of 300.

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