Ragdoll Cat Hand Puppet

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2558, Ragdoll Cat Hand Puppet Award Winning Toy from Folkmanis

Snuggle up with this furry, floppy realistic feline. This Ragdoll Cat is true to its breed. With relaxed paws and a long fluffy tail, it looks almost boneless! Put side by side with a real live cat and it would be hard to tell the difference. Made of long, chocolate tipped plush with white markings. Length:28" Long

Width:7" Wide
Height:7" Tall
Weight:15.84 oz.

Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday: 2007 January
Special Features: Movable mouth
Awards: 2007 iPARENTING MEDIA Outstanding Product Award
2007 DR. TOY Best Products
2007 CREATIVE CHILD AWARDS TOTY - Puppets for Kids
2007 PARENTS' CHOICE Silver Honor
TDMONTHLY Top Toy 2007
2007 NATIONAL PARENTING CENTER Seal of Approval Winner Holiday '07

Fun Facts About Ragdoll Cats:


1.   All Ragdolls have blue eyes

2 .  Ragdolls are one of the largest domestic cat breeds

3.   Typically, Ragdolls go limp when picked up

4.  Ragdoll kittens are born completely white

5. They have tufts of fur between their toes 

6. They are not fully grown till 4 years of age, this means that Ragdolls have a much longer development period than most other breeds

7. Ragdolls are relatively long living and normally live around 15-20 years

8. Ragdolls unlike other cats love water and are intrigued by the sound of running water and some are not bothered about getting wet.

9. Ragdolls express a gene responsible for temperature-sensitive albinism. This gene blocks the pigment in warmer areas of their body such as the torso and it makes cooler areas like the ears, nose, paws, and tail darker in shade. This temperature sensitivity means that your climate can also affect your Ragdoll’s coat. If you live in an area that’s very warm, your Ragdoll’s pigments might not be as deep and may have lighter coat and if you live somewhere cold, then your Ragdoll might produce even more pigment than normal and have darker spots on their coat.

10.  Ragdoll cats are best kept as indoor cats since they are extremely trusting and lack the sharpest survival skills

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