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Showing 1 - 24 of 78 products
SHIH TZU DOG 11.70"LDog, Shih Tzu
Pomeranian Dog, Black 14.2" L
PUG DOG 15''L x 12''H
Pallas Kitten 12" L, Endangered
Forest Cat 19.5" L
Hansa Toys Forest Cat 19.5" L
Sale price$83.90
Cat Black and White 16"L
Border Collie Dog Standing 33" L Life Size
Snow Leopard Lying 24"L, Endangered AnimalSnow Leopard Lying 24"L, Endangered Animal
YORKSHIRE TERRIER  (Yorkie) Dog 10''LDog, Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie
SAMOYED PUPPY 11"LDog, Samoyed Puppy
Sale price$65.90
Maltese Tea Cup Pup 6" HMaltese Tea Cup Pup 6" H
Pomeranian Dog 14" L
Papillon Dog 16" L
Hansa Toys Papillon Dog 16" L
Sale price$113.00
Chihuahua 9.5"L
Hansa Toys CHIHUAHUA 9.5"L
Sale price$35.00
Dog, Border Collie Puppy
Schnauzer Miniature Gray 18" L
Pomeranian Dog Standing 25.5" L
Papillon Dog, Black 16" H
Labrador Puppy 14" L
Dachshund Pup 16" L
Yorkie Tea Cup Pup 6" HYorkie Tea Cup Pup 6" H
Shih Tzu Tea Cup Pup 6" HShih Tzu Tea Cup Pup 6" H
Pinscher Tea Cup 6" HPinscher Tea Cup 6" H

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