Mini Raven Finger Puppet

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2698, Mini Raven Finger Puppet from Folkmanis

An important figure in folklore, mythology and literature from various cultures all over the world, this finger sized Mini Raven finger puppet is a perfect representation of the iconic bird.  

Length:7" Long
Width:3" Wide
Height:5.5" Tall
Weight:0.96 oz.

Puppet Birthday: 2007 July
Special Features: Finger Puppet




  • Apart from its greater size, the Common raven differs from its cousins, the crows, by having a larger and heavier black beak, shaggy feathers around the throat and above the beak, and a wedge-shaped tail. Despite their bulk, ravens are easy as agile in flight as their smaller cousins. In flight the feathers produce a creaking sound that has been likened to the rustle of silk.
  • Common ravens are known for spectacular aerobatic displays, such as flying in loops or interlocking talons with each other in flight.
  • Like other corvids, ravens can mimic sounds from their environment, including human speech. They also communicate with non-vocal sounds such as wing whistles and bill snapping; clapping or clicking is more often heard from females than from males. If a member of a pair is lost, its mate reproduces the calls of its lost partner to encourage its return.
  • Eggs and hatchlings of Common ravens are sometimes preyed on by large hawks and eagles, large owls, martens, and canids. Adult ravens are often successful in defending their chicks from these predators, due to their numbers, large size, and cunning. Common ravens may even drop stones on potential predators that venture close to their nests.
  • Common ravens are highly intelligent and their brains count among the largest of any bird species.
  • Juvenile Common ravens are among the most playful bird species. They like to slide down snowbanks, apparently purely for fun. They even engage in games with other species, such as playing catch-me-if-you-can with wolves, otters, and dogs.
  • Common ravens are also one of only a few wild animals that make their own toys. They have been observed breaking off twigs to play with socially.

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