Life Size American Eagle, 47"W

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3802 American Bald Eagle, Life Size, True to their quest for realism, Hansa has created a selection of Life Size Animals.…Realistic, heirloom quality, educational, yet soft and fun to play with, collect.   Just think, your child’s room can become a world of adventure as they are whisked away on the backs of life sized animals to the best place of all…the wonderful world of their own imaginations! Hansa introduces their “Portraits in Nature”, Life Size Animals Collection….Product Dimension: 46.06(L) X 15.75(W) X 24.41(H) 3.66 Lbs

American Bald Eagle, Found world-wide, most eagles have long pointed wings spanning up to 5 ft. These wings are perfectly adapted for flapping, soaring, and gliding in flight. Generally eagles are powerful predators, catching their prey on the ground or snatching it from treetops. Their prey includes reptiles, birds, and small mammals. Most eagles hatch and rear only 1-2 nestlings.

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