Alpaca Hand Puppet

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2953, Alpaca Hand Puppet, Award Winning Toy from Folkmanis:

Prized for their lustrous, warm fleece, Alpacas grow their long woolly coats to withstand the crisp mountain air. The Folkmanis ALPACA Puppet is as soft and gentle as a Peruvian flower. Its sweet face and ultra-soft micro fiber body plush make this Alpaca puppet irresistibly cuddly.

19" Long, 8" Wide, 17" Tall,  Movable mouth.  

Puppet Birthday: 2013 January


Preferred Choice
2014 MR. DAD Seal of Approval 

Fun Facts for Kids

  • Alpaca wool is waterproof. Moreover, it can absorb moisture due to its surprising ability to simulate cotton in moisture recovery. Thanks to this, alpacas easily endure sharp temperature drops, their coat feeling lighter than wool while warmer than cotton.
  • Generally, there are two types of alpacas. These are suri alpacas and huacaya alpacas. Suri alpacas are covered with fiber that overgrows to the form of dreadlocks. On the other hand, huacaya alpacas are covered with a shaggy, bushy, and waved coat, just like a teddy bear. Huacyas make up 90% of all alpacas in North America.
  • Llamas and alpacas are easily interbred, generating a species called huarizo.
  • Buzzing or humming sound is what you can usually hear from alpacas. It’s a kind of musical crooning. For alpacas, humming can serve as a signal of danger, curiosity, satisfaction, anxiety, fright, distress, or just boredom.
  • As known, camels spit when they are angry or irritated while alpacas, being distant relatives of camels, do the same when upset.

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