Anna and The King of Siam, The King and I, MADE In U.S.A.!

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14560, Anna and The King of Siam, The King and I is a set of Madame Alexander's Collectible Dolls. The King of Siam has Medium Skin tone, Brown Eyes, Black braided Hair, Anna has light skin tone, blue eyes, red hair. 

 Whether on stage or on the big screen, who can ever forget the polka danced by Anna and the King! Dressed for the Ball, Anna is an 8" Wendy wearing a lavender satin brocade gown with short puff sleeves and trimmed in white lace and lavender bows on her shoulders. Her bodice is adorned with a criss cross design of embroidered ribbon studded with rubies. Her red hair is pulled back in an elaborate hairdo with braids and lavishly adorned with beads. She has green eyes. The King of Siam is an 8" Wendy boy doll with caramel colored skin. He has jet black hair in a long braid down his back and black eyes with slanted eyebrows. He wears a red silk native suit trimmed in ornate embroidered and jewel studded ribbon. The front of his jacket is trimmed in gold lame. He is shirtless and has a purple sash trimmed in gold and wears gold shoes, a jewel studded crown, a gold necklace with a faux amethyst, and one ear ring of gold topaz. The excitement of this dance is a moment to remember!  Made in U.S.A. Made in 1996 only! Retired, limited supply.

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