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0679-BLACK BEAR UPRIGHT TALKING AND SINGINGING are anatomically scaled to create the best reproduction of the life size stuffed animal and the most realistic stuffed animal in the industry.

Mechanical Standing Black Bear, Head moves left to right, life size, lifelike: Realistic animals, "come to life", in this exciting new Collection called HANSATRONICS. Everybody loves animals, and MOVING animals draw quick attention and create magical moments. HANSATRONICS provide natural, animated movement to individually hand crafted animals. This honey brown sings and talks for the ultimate crowd pleaser. Let these adorable, interactive, "true to life" animals create "magic" while they delight and entertain your family, friends, and guests. 

The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is a medium-sized bear endemic to North America. It is the continent's smallest and most widely distributed bear species. American black bears are omnivores, with their diets varying greatly depending on season and location. They typically live in largely forested areas, but will leave forests in search of food, and are sometimes attracted to human communities due to the immediate availability of food.

Black bears can be black but are also different colors, ranging from brown or dark red to a light tan, depending on where they live. Their fur is short and thick and covers all of their heavily built bodies. Black bears have small eyes and a pointed muzzle, and their ears are larger and more pointed than those of their brown bear relatives. They have short legs, and their claws enable them to get away from danger by digging into a tree trunk so bears can pull themselves up. The Black bear, like all bears, has a very good sense of smell, put to good use to detect food. Its hearing and sight are not so well developed, as its ears and eyes are relatively small.

Historically, American black bears occupied the majority of North America's forested regions. Their current range in the United States is constant throughout most of the Northeast and within the Appalachian Mountains almost continuously from Maine to northern Georgia, the northern Midwest, the Rocky Mountain region, the West Coast, and Alaska. American black bears today are usually found in heavily vegetated mountainous areas. They can be found in stands of chaparral and pinyon-juniper woods, oak-hickory and mixed mesophytic forests, fields of brush, wet and dry meadows, high tidelands, riparian areas, roadsides, burns, sidehill parks, subalpine ridgetops. In the coastal areas of the Southeast (such as Florida, the Carolinas, and Louisiana), bears inhabit a mixture of flatwoods, bays, and swampy hardwood sites.

  • A Black bear standing on his back legs may not be about to charge. He may just be following his curiosity and trying to smell and see something better.
  • Black bears are very intelligent and have excellent long-term memory and much better navigation skills as compared to people. Each one is an individual and often they share with each other their security, resources, and friendships.
  • American black bears have better eyesight and hearing than humans. Their keenest sense is their sense of smell, which is about seven times more sensitive than a
  • domestic dog's.
  • Black bears can survive without food during hibernation for as long as seven months.
  • American black bears often mark trees using their teeth and claws as a form of communication with other bears; such behavior is also common to many species of bears.

Product Dimension: 35.1(L)X37.05(W)X58.5(H), Weight 30 lbs.

HANSA CREATION, INC. Collection is HANSA CREATION's hand-crafted collection of realistic plush animals. It takes great pride in each enchanting work of soft sculpture art, carefully designed to educate, fascinate, captivate and inspire creative play for collectors of all ages.

Artists create each HANSA animal from portraits of the creature in its natural habitat appropriately called Hansa Creation Portrait's in Nature. It is HANSA's uncompromising integrity in design and quality standards that has charmed collectors for generations and continues to mesmerize new collectors of all ages. 

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