Boughs of Holly, Light Skin, Brunette, Green Eyes, 2023 Centennial Celebration! Ships in July, Pre-Order!

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20746, Boughs of Holly is a 10" Cissette with light skin tone, brunette ringlets, and lovely green eyes.  Expected to ship in July, Pre-Order to reserve yours!

Boughs of Holly wishes you a Very Merry Christmas!  Dressed as though she could step out of a Jane Austin or  even a Charles Dickens novel wearing a green double breasted short velvet double breasted coat with 4 bright red buttons over an umpire style white skirt embroidered with sprigs of holly and accented with red velvet ribbon and embroidered candy canes.  She wears white tights and ruby red shoes.  A beautiful green bonnet with a red band crowns her head.

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