Brooks - 14" Alexander Girlz Play Doll, Light Skin Tone, Blue Eyes, Long Blonde Hair! New for 2024! In Stock!

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 20940,  Brooks is a 14"  poseable Alexander Girlz doll for play and fun from Madame Alexander.  She has a light Skin Tone, Blue Eyes, and rooted long blonde hair with a center part flowing beneath her waistline! Brooks is ready for campus and college life dressed in a navy blue and white varsity jacket, black and white plaid mini skirt, and a blue graphic polo.  White slip on shoes, navy ruffled socks, and a navy and white back pack complete her outfit!


 Get ready to meet Alexander Girlz! They're not just dolls, they're your new best friends, always ready for fun! These stylish 14-inch beauties, with their stunning rooted hair and sparkling fixed eyes, bring a splash of joy everywhere. They inspire kindness, ignite big dreams, and spark imaginative play. Get set for a playtime like no other!  

New for 2024,  “ALEXANDER GIRLZ”,  join the KINDNESS CLUB DOLLS introduced in 2022!  Together they have  lots of fun and spread joy wherever they go helping kids to be kind, dream big, and play imaginatively!   They promote girls to dream big and make the world a better place by teaching care and respect for all people.  These 14” dolls have molded, poseable bodies, beautiful rooted hair, (Kindness Club Dolls have a colorful highlight), realistic fixed eyes, and engaging outfits. 

 Kindness Club and Alexander Girlz are the same size and can share outfits!  (Outfits are available on our website)

Engage your child in imaginative play with this doll, teaching kindness and empathy. .Doll wipes clean with damp cloth. Shipped in a window box.


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