Cassowary Bird 29.53" H, Very Hard to Find!

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3267, CASSOWARY 29.53" H, Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite avian artistry, where lifelike craftsmanship meets the majesty of nature. Each avian masterpiece in our collection is meticulously designed and handcrafted, capturing the grace and splendor of birds from around the globe.  Very Hard to find!

Fun Facts for Kids

  • During the breeding season, these birds become aggressive, usually when chicks are present. The bird first performs a threat display, where it arches its body upwards and fluffs up its rump feathers, then bends its neck with its bill pointed downwards, while shaking its body and making a deep booming sound. Females are dominant and a male will run away when faced with a larger female performing such a threat display.
  • Southern cassowaries are the world's most dangerous birds. If threatened, they attack with a rapid karate-kick from their powerful legs with their dagger-like claws.
  • A cassowary's booming sound is the lowest call known of any bird. It is right at the border of human hearing.
  • Some New Guineans believe cassowaries to be reincarnations of their female ancestors, and others believe this bird was the first mother.
  • In 1597 the first cassowary came to Europe for Emperor Rudolf II's collection.

The Southern cassowary is a big flightless bird that is most closely related to emus. It looks somewhat like a huge prehistoric turkey on stilts, wearing a large pointed casque or helmet. It is the second biggest bird on Earth alive today. Its name is from a Papuan word meaning ‘horned head’, a reference to the helmet made of tough skin on the top of its head. This casque slopes backward and the bird uses it to push through vegetation when running through the rainforest, head down. Its 'helmet' also reflects dominance and age. Male and female look like each other, although females are usually larger and heavier. The chicks are striped cream and black, fading to brown after about five months. Adult colors and the casque start to develop around two to four years of age

Product Dimension: 21.65(L) X8.66(W) X 29.53(H)

Whether you're an avian enthusiast, a collector, or simply seeking unique decor, HANSA Creation USA's Aviary Collection brings the wonder of feathered friends into your home or workspace. Explore our stunning range of realistic bird sculptures and experience the elegance of flight and still beauty from the comfort of your surroundings


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