Deborah Bride, Mystery Dolls, Light Skin, Blonde, Blue Eyes

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71640, Deborah Bride, Light Skin, Blonde, Blue Eyes, from Madame Alexander's 10" Cissette Collection.  Little is known about “The Mystery Dolls” Madame Alexander created in 1951 except they won a coveted Fashion Academy Gold Medal. How many were made and who inspired them may never be discovered. We honor and continue our mysterious past by introducing the third shadow Cissette in our Mystery Doll Collection – Deborah Bride. Also shown are pictures of the original Deborah Bride. The set of Six "Mystery Dolls", picture of original dolls shown, will be completed in Spring, 2017. Pre-Order yours now! 

Deborah is ready to make hearts aflutter in her elegant Victorian bustle wedding dress. The tulle veil accentuates the flowers in Deborah’s blonde hair, while her floral bouquet add an additional touch of elegance to this 10” articulated Cissette. Age 14+

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