Fluffy Cat Hand Puppet

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2566, Fluffy Cat Hand Puppet from Folkmanis

A princess among kitties, this whimsical Fluffy is not fat, she's Fluffy Cat  and has a movable mouth with a realistic tongue to demand more kibbles. Her extra fluffy body and long luxurious tail are sure to elicit lots of laughs. 

Length:14" Long
Width:9" Wide
Height:12" Tall
Weight:11.2 oz.

Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday: 2007 January
Special Features: Movable mouth 

Is Fluffy Cat part of the Munchkin Cat Family?

The Munchkin is notable for their leg length as owing to a genetic mutation, the Munchkin has very short legs, which in turn gives the cat a rather long, low appearance. 

Fun Munchkin Cat Facts

  • Munchkin Cats Have Been Around for a Long Time.
  • They Have Small Legs but Big Personalities. 
  • Munchkin Cats Are Fast and Furious. 
  • They're Not Good at Long Jumping. 
  • They Are Hoarders. 
  • Munchkins Perch on Their Hind Legs. 
  • Their Curiosity Is Over the Top. 
  • Munchkins Have Different-Sized Legs.

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