Frog Footman from Alice in Wonderland, Green Skin, Brown Eyes, White Hair

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61709, Alice in Wonderland's Frog Footman is an 8" bent-knee Maggie with green skin tone and black eyes from Madame Alexander.   He has short white curly hair in the front and a short ponytail in back tied with a yellow double-faced bow. His footman livery combines a white cotton shirt with a ruffled jabot and bow tie, a burgundy vest with white buttons and gold trim, and cobalt blue knee breeches. Over these, the Frog Footman wears a gold and red floral brocade coat with lace-trimmed sleeves. A gold and white-corded braid decorates the edge of the coat which also has white and gold braid epaulets on the shoulders. White socks, black flats with gold buckles, and white gloves complete his ensemble, and has him ready to deliver the “Letter to the Duchess which he carries in his gloved hands. From Madame Alexander's Alice in Wonderland Collection.

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