Glinda from OZ! The Great and Powerful! Disney Movie

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#66925 Glinda,  (blonde doll dressed in White) 10" Collectible Doll from Madame Alexander, 

Young, beautiful Glinda is a good witch ruling over a peaceful kingdom full of kind, simple folk. She is not only benevolent and compassionate, but a fierce protector of her people. 10” Cissette is dressed as Glinda from the Disney epic film, Oz, The Great And Powerful, a prequel to the beloved movie The Wizard of Oz. Both films were based on the series of books by famous author, L. Frank Baum. Glinda is a portrait of goodness and beauty with soleful brown eyes and long blonde wavy hair. Her dainty gown is a vision of purity and strength combining a metallic silver corset with a scoop neckline and long straight sequined sleeves. Her neckline and bodice are adorned with feathers created in a mix of white flock and metallic lame of gold and silver. Her fitted floor length white chiffon skirt is enhanced with a border print of silver-grey and white at the hem with a silver organza underskirt. She wears white tights and thigh-high white leather boots with high heels laced with white satin ribbon. Her silver passenmenterie tiara with a large white cabochon rhinestone extending down Glinda’s forehead is her crowning glory and her metallic gold wand is ornamented with a teardrop shaped rhinestone at the top. Limited edition of 750.  

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