Hua Mulan, Light Skin Tone, Brown Eyes, Black Hair! Retired! Limited Supply!

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76235 Hua Mulan with Light Skin Tone, Brown Eyes, and Black Hair  from Madame Alexander!  Edition of 200!  Retired!  Limited Supply!

The Legend of Mulan 

 Mulan is based on a Chinese tale of a Woman Warrior, first featured in an anthology from the 12th century, known as the Ballad of Mulan. It’s a short poem thought to have originated as a folk tale in the fourth or fifth century because of references to the period, known as the Northern Wei dynasty, which lasted from the fourth through the early sixth centuries.  

The original version follows a simplified storyline of the tale many are familiar with. Mulan’s father is called to battle, and she volunteers to go in his place. While the original poem doesn’t describe her father as old or ailing, as later versions did, it says that there were no adult sons in the household to take his place. After 12 years of war, Mulan returns to her hometown along with her comrades, who are shocked to learn that she is a woman.

This first version ends with the lines:

"The male hare wildly kicks its feet;
The female hare has shifty eyes,

But when a pair of hares run side by side,
Who can distinguish whether I in fact am male or female?"

----Time Magazine

• Celebrate the Chinese tale of the woman warrior Hua Mulan with this beautiful doll

• Part of Madame Alexander’s Storybook line, inspiring collectors with classic works of literature.

• Wearing a red brocade top, blue hood, black shoes, and black pants with gold trim.

• Long straight black hair.

• Classic Wendy collectible doll sculpt from Madame Alexander

• Articulated, posable body

• Packed in the classic blue Madame Alexander box with pink tissue paper

• This doll is offered in Light Skin Tone with Brown Eyes and Black Hair.

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