Hugs and Giggles, Dark Skin, Brown Eyes

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 20801, Hugs and Giggles Toddler Doll, Dark Skin Tone and Brown Eyes from Madame Alexander can fit thumb or pointer finger in her mouth.   

Hugs and Giggles is one of the first dolls created in celebration of the Madame Alexander Doll Company's 100th Anniversary!  Isn't she the most adorable toddler doll ever made?

The 13" toddler Hugs and Giggles doll is a delightfully soft doll perfect for joining in on the fun and laughter! This doll can fit her pointer finger or thumb in her mouth to giggle along when playing. She wears a long-sleeve-ruffled pink top, bib, floral pants, and a matching floral bow pink headband. 

20801 Hugs and GigglesDark Skin Tone

13-inch toddler doll is ready to play!

Engage your child's imagination through doll play. Soft-bodied play doll with vinyl head and limbs encourages interactive nurturing play.

• Doll can suck her finger or thumbs.

Dark skin tone and brown deco eyes.

• Dressed in a pink tunic with ruffle, floral leggings, floral bib and floral headwrap.

Doll wipes clean with a damp cloth.

• Shipped in a window box.

Recommended for ages 12 months and up.

Quality craftsmanship that demonstrates "love is in the details."

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