Kangaroo with Joey Hand Puppet (2 puppets in one), In Stock!

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3178, Kangaroo with Joey Hand Puppet from Folkmanis is 2 puppets in 1.  Great for interactive play with your child!  In Stock!

Fun abounds with the Folkmanis® Kangaroo with Joey, a combo of puppets that's two in one! Signature styling of this iconic Aussie pair has a full-bodied mama kanga with moving mouth and arms and removable joey in pouch with movable arms. Featured in butter soft plush, this playful pair is bound to become a favorite. 

Length:18" Long
Width:10" Wide
Height:20" Tall
Weight:19.84 oz.

Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday: 2022 January
Special Features: Movable mouth and arms on mama; movable arms on joey. Removable joey puppet in pouch.

Fun Facts for Kids

  • Males are "boomers", females are "flyers" and young are "joeys".
  • Red kangaroos are so-named due to the color of their fur. The red is, in fact, a musky red oil this is excreted from glands in their skin.
  • A joey is about the size of a jellybean when born.
  • Red kangaroos can jump as high as six feet (1.8 m), and leap a distance of 29 feet (8.8 m).
  • On land kangaroos always move their back legs together, but in water, they will kick each leg independently when swimming.
  • Due to the position of their eyes, Red kangaroos' range of vision is approximately 300° (324° with about 25° overlap).
  • Kangaroos are the only big animals to hop as their main method of locomotion. This is an energy-efficient and fast means of travel, which enables them to go long distances in areas where there is little water and food available.
  • A joey sometimes will jump headfirst into its mother’s pouch if frightened.
  • Kangaroos outnumber people in Australia. They are the country's national symbol and appear on coins, postage stamps, and airplanes.

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