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5980, KIWI 9'' (NEW ZEALAND BRN) are anatomically scaled to create the best reproduction of the life size stuffed animal and the most realistic stuffed animal in the industry.

Fun Facts for Kids

  • Kiwi belong to the ratite family, which also includes the emu, ostrich, rhea, and cassowary.
  • The Great Spotted Kiwi are native to New Guinea.
  • Great spotted kiwi have tough, leathery skin and feathers like hair.
  • The Great spotted kiwi, along with the other kiwi species, is the only bird with nostrils at the end of its bill.
  • Great spotted kiwi have a good sense of smell, which is unusual in birds.
  • Great spotted kiwi use their powerful legs and claws for defense against predators such as stoats or ferrets.
  • Kiwi often swallow small stones, which help to digest food.
  • Great spotted kiwi produce the largest egg in proportion to the body. They can lay only one egg a year because it takes so much energy to produce such a massive egg. The yolk of their eggs takes up 65% of the egg while in most bird eggs, the yolk takes up about 35-40% of the egg.
  • When it's time to hatch, the Great spotted kiwi chick needs 2 to 3 days to make its way out of its egg.
  •  The Great Spotted Kiwi is an endangered species.

Product Dimension: 10.63(L) X 5.91(W) X 9.06(H)

HANSA CREATION, INC. Collection is HANSA CREATION's hand-crafted collection of realistic plush animals. It takes great pride in each enchanting work of soft sculpture art, carefully designed to educate, fascinate, captivate and inspire creative play for collectors of all ages.

Artists create each HANSA animal from portraits of the creature in its natural habitat appropriately called Hansa Creation Portrait's in Nature. It is HANSA's uncompromising integrity in design and quality standards that has charmed collectors for generations and continues to mesmerize new collectors of all ages.


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