Little Women Set of 4 5" Madame Alexander Tiny Betty Dolls

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49855, Little Women Set, 5" Madame Alexander "Tiny Betty dolls".   First introduced in 1935, the Tiny Betty faces sculpt was used by Madame Alexander over the years for many of her smallest creations. The newest collection of Tiny Betty dolls are dressed in beautiful recreations of vintage outfits and, like the original mold, feature a sweet, wistful facial expression and painted face, panties, socks, and shoes. Little Women Tiny Betty Box Set is a 7-inch Tiny Betty doll set. This set has four dolls, each in a beautiful period costume. The black haired doll wears a cream dress with a red floral pattern with lace and ribbon accents. The brunette doll wears brown plaid dress with black ribbon accents. The blonde doll wears a blue dress with lace and ribbon accents. The red haired doll wears a sage green dress with lace and pink ribbon accents. Released in 2009, Little Women Tiny Betty Box Set is a part of the Arts collection and is recommended for ages 14 and up. This Madame Alexander doll carries on the tradition of The Alexander Doll Company, which has been known for its elegant and beautifully costumed dolls for over 80 years.

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