Parrot, Macaw, Blue and Yellow, Perched

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Blue and Gold Macaw, The macaw is a long tailed, strong-billed bird of the parrot family, found in the American Tropics. There are 17 living species and they feed on the seeds of fruit. They are very brightly colored and very intelligent. They are social birds and often gather in flocks. With all the brilliance and color of a tropical sunset, Hansa captures the electrifying colors of birds from around the world, and as you know, birds of a feather flock together. HANSA artists have designed their AVIARY COLLECTION by researching birds, and creating custom designed fabrics to replicate their "look", from all corners of the world. Come watch as they glide, soar, flutter, swoop, strut, and swirl, at a level of "true to life" realism that will have you gazing in amazement . .

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