Newborn Baby Pink Cloud, Dark Skin Tone, Brown Eyes!

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20725 Newborn Baby Pink Cloud Dark Skin Brown Eyes is a Lee Middleton Adoption Baby from Madame Alexander. 

Your Newborn BabyPink Cloud, Dark Skin Tone is ready to go home with you! Love and care for the Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery 16" Middleton Adoption Baby Doll just like a real mom or dad. After filling in the adoption certificate to make it official, you can take her home to play. Her lifelike features, lovely dark toned skin, and soft body make her look and feel like a real newborn. She comes dressed in a comfy sleeper and hat that's perfect for bedtime or playtime. When it's time for bed, tuck her in with her blankie and say goodnight.

20725 Newborn Baby Pink Cloud – Dark Skin Tone

Newborn Baby Doll: These realistic 16 inch baby dolls have natural features and lifelike expressions; Soft bodies make these newborn dolls appropriate for ages 2 plus; Includes adoption certificate.

Details: Dressed in a comfy sleeper and hat plus blanket that's perfect for bedtime or playtime; When it's time for bed, tuck her in with her blankie and say goodnight; Features dark skin and brown eyes

Love Is In The Details: Our baby dolls are made to be played with safely and comfortably, with soft bodies and nontoxic materials. Realistic details like soft eye lashes are crafted to delight

Empowering Girls: Kids' toys like the lifelike dolls we offer inspire creativity, nurturing, and kindness; Madame Alexander offers every child perfect baby doll of their own

Made with Love in the Details: With nearly 100 years of toymaking innovation, Madame Alexander's mission is to create quality dolls that deliver invaluable play experiences and inspire passion in collectors

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