Mini Chameleon Finger Puppet

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2794, Mini Chameleon Finger Puppet from Folkmanis

Adorn your finger with the colorful Folkmanis® Mini Chameleon. In cheery shades of green with orange accents, this little lizard has movable mouth and a tail that wraps around your finger.    

Length:6" Long
Width:2" Wide
Height:4" Tall
Weight:0.64 oz.

Puppet Birthday: 2022 January
Special Features: Movable mouth, tail wraps.

Fun Facts About Chameleons:

  1. The change in color of the chameleon’s skin is a means of communication and to regulate body temperature. Altering skin tone depends upon its emotions, amount of light, temperature or humidity.
  2. The casque of a chameleon acts like a water collector at night when tiny droplets of moisture roll down the casque and into its open mouth.
  3. Temperature influences the amount of food eaten by chameleons.
  4. Female veiled chameleons can produce three clutches of eggs in a year. Each clutch may have 20 to 70 eggs that take 6 to 9 months for hatching. When the eggs are ready to be laid, the female chameleon deposits the eggs in the holes dug in the ground to bury them and leaves the nesting site.
  5. The hatchlings of chameleons look like miniature adults without their bright coloration and markings. They reach their maturity stage by the end of the first year.
  6. There is a ball of muscle at the end of a chameleon’s tongue that rapidly forms a small suction cup whenever it hits its prey. As the prey sticks to the tongue, the chameleon draws it to the back of the mouth, where its strong jaws crush it for swallowing.
  7. The chameleon’s teeth are extremely small.
  8. Although chameleons do not have ear openings, they are not deaf.
  9. Born with powerful eyesight, Chameleons can see in both visible and ultraviolet light.
  10. The outer protective layer of a chameleon’s skin is called the epidermis, the chromatophore layer contains red and yellow pigments. The melanophore layer can create black and brown colors while the nether layer reflects white.
  11. The distinctive ‘jerry walk’ of chameleons have been speculated as being imitating swaying tree leaves that help to camouflage them against enemies.
  12. Some chameleons have a crest of small spikes extending from the proximal part of the tail to the neck along the spine.
  13. The feet of chameleons are highly adapted for arboreal locomotion.
  14. Birds and snakes are the most important enemies of chameleons while ants put a greater threat to their eggs and young ones.
  15. The more dominant, attractive male chameleons have brighter colors, and submissive ones may be grays and dark brown in color.

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