Mini Spider Finger Puppet

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2754, Mini Black Spider Finger Puppet from Folkmanis, 

Arachnophobes won't mind the whimsical Mini Spider finger puppet. Featured in all black this not so scary creature has gangly long legs, a bulbous abdomen, and fangs on a leatherette face with big beady eyes.

Length:5" Long
Width:5" Wide
Height:2" Tall
Weight:0.96 oz.

Puppet Birthday: 2014 January.

Interesting Things About Black Widow Spiders

They Aren't Always Black

When most people talk about the black widow spider, they likely think they're referring to a particular spider species. But in the U.S. alone, there are three different kinds of black widows (northern, southern, and western).

Only Adult Females Inflict Dangerous Bites

Female widow spiders are larger than males. It is believed, therefore, that female black widows can penetrate vertebrate skin more effectively than males and inject more venom when they bite.

Females Rarely Eat Their Mates

Studies show that such behavior is actually quite rare in widow spiders in the wild, and even uncommon among captive spiders. Therefore, the term "black widow" is not normally true.

Spiderlings Don't Resemble Adult Black Widows

Widow spider nymphs are mostly white when they hatch from the egg sac. As they undergo successive molts, the spiderlings gradually darken in color, from tan to gray, usually with white or beige markings.

They Make Cobwebs

Black widow spiders belong to the spider family Theridiidae, commonly called the cobweb spiders. These spiders, black widows included, construct sticky, irregular silk webs to ensnare their prey.

Their Bites Are Rarely Fatal

Although black widow bites can be painful and require medical treatment, they are very rarely fatal. In fact, the majority of black widow bites cause only mild symptoms, and many bite victims don't even realize they were bitten.

Most Bites Used to Occur in Outhouses

Black widows don't often invade homes, but they do like to inhabit human-built structures like sheds, barns, and outhouses.

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