Monkey Hand Puppet

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2123, Monkey Hand Puppet and Award Winning Toy from Folkmanis

Everyone knows, kids love monkeys! Keep an eye on the bananas - this Monkey is nimble-fingered! When you manipulate its arms, head and mouth, this velvety puppet will steal any scene...maybe even a snack. 

Length:6" Long
Width:6" Wide
Height:10" Tall
Weight:6.08 oz.

Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday: 1993 July
Special Features: Movable mouth and arms.
Awards: 2013 DR. TOY'S Best Classic Products
Fun Facts: 


  • The 125 species of monkey belong to the primate order which also includes apes and human beings.
  • Some monkeys live in small families, others in large colonies. 

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