Owl, Bubo, Grey 14" H

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3678, OWL, BUBO, GREY 14'' by Hansa Creations, anatomically scaled to create the best reproduction of the life size stuffed animal and the most realistic stuffed animal in the industry.

Fun Facts for Kids

  • Great grey owls have excellent hearing and may locate (and then capture) prey moving beneath 60 cm (2.0 ft) of snow in a series of tunnels solely with that sense. They then can crash to a snow depth roughly equal to their own body size to grab their prey. Only this species and, more infrequently, other fairly large owls from the genus Strix are known to "snow-plunge" for prey, a habit that is thought to require superb hearing not possessed by all types of owls.
  • Due to the lack of territorial aggressiveness Great grey owls are difficult to find in the field. Most owls respond to their own species' calls if played back in a nesting territory. Great grey owls will often ignore such calls. They also do not flush every time human approaches or drives past. Great grey owls often remain still even if a human is nearby and therefore they are often overlooked or unnoticed.
  • Due to their large size, Great grey owls have few natural predators. They are even able to fend off animals as large as Black bears when defending their nests!

Great grey owls breed in North America from as far east as Quebec to the Pacific coast and Alaska, and from Finland and Estonia across northern Asia. They are permanent residents, although northerly populations may move south and southeast when food is scarce. In Europe, they are found breeding in Norway and Sweden and more numerously through Finland and Russia. In northern areas, Great grey owls prefer to breed in the dense coniferous forests of the taiga, near open areas, such as meadows or bogs. In Oregon and California, they may nest in mixed oak woodlands.

Product Dimension: 7.09(L) X 5.91(W) X 13.78(H)

HANSA CREATION, INC.  Aviary is HANSA CREATION's hand-crafted collection of realistic plush animals. It takes great pride in each enchanting work of soft sculpture art, carefully designed to educate, fascinate, captivate and inspire creative play for collectors of all ages.

Artists create each HANSA animal from portraits of the creature in its natural habitat appropriately called Hansa Creation Portrait's in Nature. It is HANSA's uncompromising integrity in design and quality standards that has charmed collectors for generations and continues to mesmerize new collectors of all ages.

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