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From the epic movie, Oz, the Great and Powerful, this Disney Movie set from Madame Alexander includes:

#66920 Oscar Diggs, aka Oz, is a small time magician from the Midwest with dubious ethics. He is hurled into the magical, but troubled land of Oz, where he is forced to decide the kind of man he truly is. Disney’s new epic movie, Oz The Great And Powerful, is a prequel to the beloved Wizard Of Oz. Both films were based on the series of books by the famous author, L. Frank Baum. Oscar is a fully articulated, newly sculpted, 10” male doll with powerful brown eyes, and expressively painted goatee, eyebrows, and hair. Dressed in black and grey pinstriped pants and dark grey tweed double breasted vest, he looks like he stepped from the early 20th century. His clothing is further authenticated by the addition of a white stand up collar, a black satin bow tie, and black nail head buttons down the front of his vest. For added drama he wears a full length long sleeved magician’s robe made from wine colored crepe featuring gold, rust, and orange embroidery around his neck, down his front, and at the edge of his sleeves. To increase his mystery, Oscar Diggs wears a magnificent Madras turban with a green rhinestone directly in the center. White socks and black vinyl lace up ankle boots complete the ensemble for the man will eventually hide behind that curtain. Limited edition of 750

#66925 Young, beautiful Glinda is a good witch ruling over a peaceful kingdom full of kind, simple folk. She is not only benevolent and compassionate, but a fierce protector of her people. 10” Cissette is dressed as Glinda from the Disney epic film, Oz, The Great And Powerful, a prequel to the beloved movie The Wizard of Oz. Both films were based on the series of books by famous author, L. Frank Baum. Glinda is a portrait of goodness and beauty with soleful brown eyes and long blonde wavy hair. Her dainty gown is a vision of purity and strength combining a metallic silver corset with a scoop neckline and long straight sequined sleeves. Her neckline and bodice are adorned with feathers created in a mix of white flock and metallic lame of gold and silver. Her fitted floor length white chiffon skirt is enhanced with a border print of silver-grey and white at the hem with a silver organza underskirt. She wears white tights and thigh-high white leather boots with high heels laced with white satin ribbon. Her silver passenmenterie tiara with a large white cabochon rhinestone extending down Glinda’s forehead is her crowning glory and her metallic gold wand is ornamented with a teardrop shaped rhinestone at the top. Limited edition of 750.

#66930 Theodore, from Disney’s epic movie, Oz The Great And Powerful is a beautiful, but naïve witch, living under the protection of her evil and powerful sister, Evanora. She wants nothing more than for peace to come to the Land of Oz and truly believes that a prophesied wizard will someday arrive. Oz The Great And Powerful is the prequel to the Wizard of Oz. Both movies are based on the series of books by beloved author, L. Frank Baum. 10” Cissette is dressed as Theodora, with soulful brown eyes and side parted brunette hair swept to one side and fashioned into a braided bun. She is flamboyantly dressed in an all in one combo of black stretch satin pants and a white linen blouse with an overlapping V neckline edged in lace. She wears a burgundy velvet riding jacket with attached peplum lined in pink and white taffeta and a wide shawl collar accented by black teardrop beads down the front and on the side pocket flaps. A smashing, very wide brimmed burgundy velvet hat with a gathered crown, a white feather on one side, black satin ribbon ties, and a black beaded bolo fastening grace her head. The finishing touch for Theodora is her trendy black vinyl textured knee high boots. The question is, when and how does Theodora become the Wicked Witch of the West? Limited Edition of 750.

#66935 Evanora, from Disney’s epic movie, Oz The Great And Powerful, is a witch to be feared! With her penetrating gaze she exudes a powerful presence. She is Theodora’s overprotective sister who has positioned herself as the royal advisor and protector of the Emerald City. The Great And Powerful Oz is the prequel to the Wizard of Oz. Both movies are based on the beloved series of books by author, L. Frank Baum. 10” Cissette is dressed as Evanora, with dark brown eyes and side parted brunette hair pulled back and styled into a loose bun. She wears a full length gown of sheer metallic green boucle with an overlapping skirt lined in black glissenette. Her square neckline sparkles with the addition of rhinestones. Her long tight black lace sleeves are lined in beige glissenette and her shoulders are trimmed in black marabou. Black tights and knee high black flock lace up boots add detail to her striking costume. A large green pendant on a gold chain and a dark gold passementerie hair comb with two black coque feathers attached add more intrigue to Evanora, the future Wicked Witch of the East! Limited Edition 750.

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