Quokka Hand Puppet

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3196, Quokka Hand Puppet from Folkmanis

The curious Quokka has photobombed its way into pop culture as the happiest animal on the planet. This marsupial from down under makes a cuddly puppet with movable mouth and forelegs that will gladly be your smiling #selfie buddy to the delight of your social media friends.

Length:10" Long
Width:8" Wide
Height:11" Tall
Weight:8.96 oz.

Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday: 2023 January
Special Features: Movable mouth and forelegs. 

Fun Facts about Quokkas:

  1. Quokkas come from the same family as kangaroos and wallabies as they are Australian Marsupials (Macropodidae Family). Bonus fact: Australian marsupials are one of the only two mammal groups that can see in full color. 

  2.  Baby quokkas are carried around in their mother's pouch and are  called joeys just like kangaroos!

  3. Quokkas are about the same size as a pet cat making them the smallest type of wallaby in Australia!

  4. Quokkas were first discovered in the 1600s, by Willem de Vlamingh.   At first, he thought it was a very large rat. This led him to name the Island “Rottennest”, meaning “rat’s nest” in Dutch. The name has since been adapted to Rottnest Island. 

  5. The current Quokka population is estimated to be around 20,000.

  6. Quokkas move around by hopping and bounding, using their hands to move forward. 

  7. Quokkas are herbivores and eat native grasses and the leaves, stems and bark of a variety of plants. They don't chew their food, like a cow would. Instead, they just put their food into their mouth and swallow.  

  8. Quokkas are great at climbing trees- they can climb up to 2 metres, usually to reach food. 

  9. When food is scarce, Quokkas store fat in their long tails to survive. Their tails can measure up to around 30cm

  10. They are very peaceful with each other and are able to co-exist in the same habitat sharing shelter, food, and water, without getting territorial.  

  11.  Quokkas are very trusting creatures and naturally curious animals, often approaching humans. But do not touch or feed them, no matter how cute they are.  Quokkas do have sharp claws and teeth, and can attack if feeling threatened. 

  12. Quokkas are nocturnal animals, meaning they spend most of the day sleeping and are most active at night. 

  13. Though known as the world's happiest animal for their adorable smile, when quokkas smile they're actually panting to cool themselves down. Quokka can be pronounced two different ways!

  14. In Australia, the locals pronounce quokka as 'kwa-ka'. In the United States of America, they say 'kwo-ka'.

  15. Quokkas are listed as a vulnerable species.

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