San Francisco Garter Snake Finger Puppet, Endangered Since 1967

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3210, San Francisco Garter Snake Finger Puppet from Folkmanis.  Endangered since 1967, the San Francisco garter snake is considered one of the most beautiful snakes in North America. The Folkmanis San Francisco Garter Snake puppet pays tribute to the exquisite beauty of this unique snake with an accurately depicted printed super-soft boa fabric skin in shades of coral and turquoise. A movable mouth and a weighted body add to the realism of this puppet that will wrap you in enchantment. Recommend for ages 3+. 19" Long.

Length:19" Long
Width:9" Wide
Height:2" Tall
Weight:5.6 oz.
Puppet Birthday: 2024 January
Special Features: Weighted.

Fun Facts About the Endangered San Francisco Garter Snake:

  • They are non-venomous.
  • They are one of the first species to be listed as endangered after the Endangered Species Act was passed.
  • They are primarily frog-eaters.
  • They are well camouflaged among green, rust, and pale tan reeds.
  • They live in freshwater wetlands, drainage ditches, creeks, ponds, upland habitat, rodent burrows, and tall grass.
  • They are listed as a federal endangered species in 1967 and a state endangered species in 1971.
  • They are mostly active during the day.
  • They are immune to the toxins of the Pacific Northwest.
  • They have an organ located on the roof of their mouth that allows them to sense smell.
  • They are ovoviviparous, meaning fertilized eggs develop inside the female, but the embryo gains no nutritional substances from the female.
  • Females give live birth to young in July and August, with brood sizes ranging from six to 35 young.
  • Hawks and herons are the main predators of the San Francisco garter snake

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