Little Women Journals, Set of Four Hard Cover Books by Charlotte Emerson

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From Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women; This is a set of four new stories by Charlotte Emerson contained in four beautiful hardcover books from Madame Alexander

Joe's Troubled Heart:

Jo's determination to become a published author makes her long for the simple responsibilities of her sisters. But when things don't go as planned, her temper drives her to make Meg, Beth, and Amy the villainess in her book. She regrets her hasty move even as her fondest dream is about to come true.

Amy's True Prize:

The annual young artists' competition is proud of Amy's chance to show off her talent, yet her eagerness to win First Prize tempts her to compete in a way that shocks her three sisters. But it's the unfair act of one of her classmates that brings Amy to her senses, and helps her go home with the prize she deserves.

Beth's Snow Dancer:

The wild pony that comes galloping through the snow belongs to Beth from the moment she lays eyes on it. She spends hours nurturing, feeding, and grooming the pony she names Snow Dancer and promises him that she will always take care of him. But when the owner shows up to claim the pony, Beth is devastated....until her sisters come up with the perfect solution.

Meg's Dearest Wish:

When Meg cannot afford the latest fashions that her friends wear, she cleverly alters her old clothes to look like the latest creations from Paris. Then her wealthy friend Lily begs for Meg's help in achieving the same look of elegance and Meg gladly complies in the name of friendship....only to find out that Lily is not a friend at all.

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