Kangaroo Hare Wallaby, 16" Tall

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4686, KANGAROO HARE WALLABY 16'' are anatomically scaled to create the best reproduction of the life size stuffed animal and the most realistic stuffed animal in the industry.

Fun Facts for Kids

  • The species was first described by John Edward Grey: in 1927, he gave the wallaby its name based on a drawing by Lewin from what was then called New Holland.
  • The word "wallaby" derives from the language of Eora tribe, who were aborigines of the Sidney area (Australia).
  • This wallaby is nicknamed "the shadow", since the animal is extremely shy and difficult to find in the wild.
  • In order to establish dominance, a Brush-tailed rock-wallaby can bite and lick the fur of a conspecific: this behavior is called allogrooming. They have also been observed nose jabbing: this is when a wallaby thrusts its nose towards another individual. These wallabies are known to communicate with each other through vocalizations such as a hissing cough sound. In addition, staring intensely is another form of communication in this species.
  • The powerful legs and sharp claws allow this wallaby to climb tall trees and even nearly vertical rocks.
  • Although the Brush-tailed rock-wallabies are normally nocturnal, they can be active by day, enjoying sunshine during cool weather.
  • The 2009 Victorian car registration sticker features the Brush‐tailed Rock‐wallaby.
  • The Rock Wallaby is a vulnerable species.


Product Dimension: 9.84(L) X 7.87(W) X 15.75(H)

Kangaroo Hare Wallaby, Australia or "the Land Down Under", is the origin of what many believe is the world's most exotic, unique, and fascinating range of animals. From the kangaroo to the kookaburra, to the emu, wallaby, and mystical Bilby, come EXPLORE this "magical" COLLECTION, featuring beautifully detailed designs, so TRUE TO LIFE, soon you too, will be asking. . .are they "real" or are they HANSA . . .

HANSA's mission to EDUCATE THE HEART finds new meaning with the animals featured in this exciting collection. Come share the "lessons of life" that can only be learned by studying the past and telling the stories of these unique, exotic, EXTINCT and ENDANGERED species . . .

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